How to Remove Acne Scars Fast at Home with Top 6 Natural Remedies

How to Remove Acne Scars Fast at Home with Top 6 Natural Remedies
How to Remove Acne Scars Fast at Home with Top 6 Natural Remedies

Whenever you get an acne, it often leaves marks on your skin even after the acne is gone. Maybe you think that scars may fade over time, but in fact they usually remain visible.

They won’t go away easily and cause damage to your skin. They’re usually red or brown with uneven, trenched texture to them.

Many people suffer from acne are of the opinion that how to remove acne scars is a real struggle.

How Acne Scars Happen?

A scar forms as part of the natural healing process following an injury. After the acne dries out, it causes temporary inflammation of the skin that usually leaves a brown or red spot that leads to darker or thicker skin. It is usually repaired on its own in a few weeks.

When the dermis — the second layer of skin — is damaged, your body forms collagen fibers to repair the damage, and that results in a scar.

The deeper marks, the ones that look like small craters or depressions on the skin are known as acne scars. They should treated in the right way because they won’t disappear on their own.

Several medical treatments are available to help reduce acne scars such as chemical peels, dermal filler, injections, laser treatment,  microneedling, microdermabrasion and punch excision.

You can use many types of skin care products or medication to care for acne prone skin.

But the first and important thing you should know about getting rid of acne scars is: don't pick or touch acne on your face. Touching an acne may look harmless, but it may worsen inflammation and resulting in scars.

There are certain things to remove acne scars fast you can try at home to ensure that your skin is clear and free of pimple marks. You can use these top 6 natural home remedies.

1. Aloe Vera

It’s true that aloe vera is a perfect remedy, especially when it comes to your skin. Aloe vera helps to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin. Its contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties and has antibacterial properties that can help relieves the skin of blemishes, encouraging acne scars to fade, curing pimple marks and infections. It also helps heal wounds faster without leaving marks.

Besides, a study found that consistent use of aloe could stabilize melanin levels in cells, although the limits of this effect are unknown yet.

How to use:

Pick aloe vera leaf and extract the gel after you cut it open ( no need to wash off )
Apply the gel to the scars
Leave it on your face staying overnight

2. Lemon

Lemon that rich in vitamin C is easy to find and it is one of cheap at-home acne remedies.

it is a good choice because besides can help brighten the skin, it can help reduce any kind of scars on your skin, removing dead skin cells, regenerate skin cell and improves skin elasticity.

How to use:

Apply fresh lemon juice or wedge from a fresh lemon directly to the scars
Leave it for about 15 minutes, then wash it off with water and pat dry
Repeat once a day regularly
You also can put the lemon juice on overnight as a mask

3. Honey

Honey is a common and popular skin care ingredient that has antibiotic and healing properties, natural moisturizing effects and stimulation of tissue regeneration.

Honey is a great natural solution because it also contains antibacterial properties, helps to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation.

It can help treat acne as well as help remove acne scars. As a note, raw honey is much more effective than processed honey.

How to use:

Apply honey on the scars and leave it on overnight
Wash it off with warm water after wake up
Repeat daily before going to bed

You also can massage an amount of honey over your acne scars and leave it on for as long as you want because honey is a natural ingredient without side effect.

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a rich source of vitamin E, vitamin K, fatty acids and high content of antioxidants that has lots of healing properties. It is one of the best natural moisturizers to moisturize the skin so make your skin’s glow.

Coconut oil can help repair your skin and increase the growth of skin tissues that help reduce acne scars. Besides this oil can prevent the appearance of new acne lesions as it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

How to use:

Heat and apply warm coconut oil to the scars
Massage onto scars for about 10 minutes
Leave for an hour to let the skin absorb the oil
Rinse with warm water
Repeat regularly

5. Baking Soda

Baking soda works as exfoliate and balances your pH of the skin to help remove the scar tissue and minimize the appearance of your acne scars.

It removes dead skin cells without damaging the skin around the scar.

How to use:

Mix 2 teaspoons of baking soda and water to make a thin paste
Thoroughly wash and dry the scar
Apply on your acne scars
Leave it on for a couple of minutes, then rinse it off
Repeat daily to help fade your acne scars


Use these only on scars, not open wounds
Stop use immediately if causes any irritation

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has known as natural ingredient for cleaning solutions and skin care. It's also a natural disinfectant that helps to balance the pH level of your body.

The acidic contain of apple cider vinegar helps lighten pigmentation in the skin, stimulates collagen production, repairs cells and removes dead skin cells.

Apple cider vinegar is a very effective ingredient to treat acne because it is antibacterial and antiseptic.

Its owing anti-microbial properties can help prevent the occurrence of acne, and anti-inflammatory properties of apple cider vinegar reduces the inflammation and help acne scars to fade.

How to use:

Mix of apple cider vinegar and water with equal amounts
Dip your cotton ball in it and apply it to the scars
Leave for 5-10 minutes, then wash it off with water
Repeat daily

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